Sunday, July 29

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Skägårdshemmet, 12:05

The day started wet but warmed up and started to dry out. Everyone slept late after the hay baling yesterday, and late in the morning we decided to go to the Vintage Market, which is a tradition that started last year and amounted to two or three stalls and a lot of disappointed attendees.

Naa stayed asleep and we left. On the way it rained but then the sky cleared. Here we are. There are eight stalls and there seems to be the right balance between people selling, what is for sale, and people buying. We each had two delicious home-made pies for breakfast. Auo also had a doughnut. Irma bought old jars, which will keep the mice out of a few things this winter.

The sun will come out in the afternoon and the heat will be turned full on. We will mow the lawn, pick the weeds, and sit reading. In the late afternoon Mikael will turn up with the rest of the hay in a trailer and we will go and help him and Camilla get it out of the trailer and stacked up in the barn. This will remind me that my arms, shoulders and neck are still sore from yesterday.

Sunshine will wander off to spend the whole night outside. I will find him asleep on the sauna verandah early tomorrow morning.