Thursday, January 17

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Salahuddin Street, Dubai, 14:46


We learned that the process of refurbishing the hotel has begun and not yet finished, and that the problems last night reflect this. Everything worked perfectly last time; everything will work perfectly next time.

No jam today.

We went for breakfast to find the new management has outsourced the restaurant. The coffee machine had disappeared and in its place we found a kettle that a waiter removed from time to time and returned later filled with hot water. Pour a sachet of Nescafé into a cup at the wrong time and you will find that the kettle contains a small amount of luke-warm water.

We both started giggling.

We spent the morning in the rooftop pool which remained exactly as we remembered it. I lay reading Hermaneutics by John D. Caputo. The more I read, the more I felt glad that I had bought it.

Now, after showering and dressing, we have begun to wander around the shops by the hotel. I have bought a tripod and a lightning cable for about 2 euros each in Gift Village. Later, when I test them, I will find that they both work perfectly.

As we walk back from Gift Village I take a photograph of people walking down the street in the blazing heat. Across the road stands Reef Mall, our next destination.

We will find a new Japanese shop there called 2358, which resembles Muji in the eccenticity of its range. Naa and I will both get wireless headphones and everyone will get cute storage bags for cables and pens.

I will look for the smallest McDonalds in the world in the foodcourt and find it gone, its former space now empty. Fortunately I have a photo from earlier to prove that it did once exist.

After more (much more) shopping we will end up eating at the dinner buffet at Soy & Pepper, where the staff will recognise us and Irma will use the provided plastic gloves to eat giant prawns. I will have the condensed milk and shredded jelly dessert I always have.

We will spend the evening testing our purchases. To my surprise we will only have bought stuff we have use for.

Last night we got to bed about 1:00. Tonight we will manage a more reasonable 23:00.