Thursday, January 24

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Itäväylä, 07:55


At 2:20 this morning I woke up with a clear train of thought in my head. I reached out for my phone and jotted something down in my Todoist inbox. In the morning I could not remember what on earth I had written. When I checked to see if I had written nonsense, I discovered that, far from it, I had remembered something in my sleep that needed attending to.

I had breakfast and left the house early. The snowplough whizzed past me and I jumped into Minna’s drive to give it room. I looked back to see it depositing snow boulders in our drive, so I walked back and spent five minutes moving them all out of the way before they froze to the spot.

I wait at the bus stop and I can see an advertisemnt for holidays on tropical islands reflected on the glass. I try to capture the contrasts, and the strange morning light created by the cars and the streetlights bouncing off the snow.

I will spend the day running clinics for the Innovation students who want help, or feel lost. Tomas will get stuck in meetings all day.

I will do a variety of tasks in the gaps, guided by my lists on Todoist. By the time I leave I will feel convinced that I have done a lot more than I would have done otherwise.

I have used to-do lists before, since Jutta and I both began experimenting with Remember The Milk ten years ago, but this seems the perfect match of form and function. It has no so far got in my way. (I should note that while experimenting in India I did in fact download the latest version of RTM and played with that. It did get in the way very quickly.)

My attempts to avoid chocolate seemed doomed. I will get home to discover that Irma has opened another bag or box “left over from last year”, that need to get eaten before the giving up business can actually get started.

I will fill my mouth with chocolate and try talking.