Sunday, January 27

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Hietaniemenkatu, 15:54


After the cider and the wine that followed, and the long movie experience, we got up late this morning and had a long and delicious brunch.

I looked at my Instagram account for the first time in a week or more and added a few new pictures. I puzzled about the logic of receiving likes, from the perspective of the new project I intend starting in summer. My photo of the puppies has received most likes and the photos that I consider interesting the least. Perhaps I have the wrong friends…

In the afternoon we drive to Kamppi where I see this winter’s example of the completely snowed-in car. I doubt if anyone will drive it until Spring, unless they also own a snowplough.

We will spend the afternoon with Irma’s mother and have an amusing time there. As dark falls we will leave and drive home.

Later I will do an hour or so of snow work and then hurry inside to have a hot shower and go to bed shortly before nine o’clock.