Wednesday, January 29

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Driveway, 8:12


This morning the all-night storm had removed almost all signs of the snow work I did last night. I comforted myself with the knowledge that if I had not have done it then walking down the drive would prove impossible.

I took the snow off the plinth over the shed door as I left and had it all blow over my head. Irma brought me a towel and I walked out of the house with my head caked in ice crystals.

I left through a blizzard for the bus stop by the gas station and when I got there I checked my bag and realised that I had left my keys at home. I trudged back and Irma found them in the porch where I had left them after my snow work last night.

I stand in the garden where the snow fall has lessened to the occasional flake. I look at the apple tree in Minna and Tommi’s garden and take a photograph of it in the morning light.

In the morning I will have some final student clinics. I will also have a meeting about a student website, and grade a student’s late arrival for the CMS course.

In the afternoon Maria Höglund and I will act as the jury for the eleven CMS groups who each pitch their projects.

I will finish the day with a short Zoom meeting in which Aga, Ilpo, Oliver and I catch up with life in the Social Tools group. We discuss the workshops, the podcast, the event for the Pixelache conference, and more.

I will race home to do nearly two hours of snowblading which will result in the paths reappearing. As I prepare for bed I will notice snow falling heavily again.