Friday, February 8

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Arcada, 15:45


I walked to the gas station and caught the bus, the 97V. I got onto a completely empty bus and sat there on my own for most of the journey. It felt like a good start to my first day in Arcada for a week.

When I got to work I had a long conversation with Nathalie and then set to taming my mails. Time passed.

At midday I met Caspar who wished to change his thesis topic. Fortunately he wanted to change it from one that might never get finished to a much more practical one that he had started already. We went through what will now form his thesis project and it seemed very solid. I suggested a way to approach the research and a research question that should keep him focused. He left happy.

At 14:00 we had what we used to call Rector’s Coffee, and have now received instructions to call Coffee with Friends. Jutta, Mirko and I went upstairs, although only I had my mug with me.

Jani’s doctoral celebrations took place at the beginning. Nathalie made a speech. The rector made a speech. Jani made a speech. After which we all ate cake.

I spent a long time talking with Matteo who wants to combine several potential research projects into one; mine among them. I listened and decided that this suited me just fine.

Now I walk downstairs and along the corridor back to the office. I look along the corridor and like the contrast of the bluey white landscape I can see through the turret-like slit in the wall.

Home will call. I will catch a bus. Irma will turn up with sparkling wine, and the weekend will begin.