Saturday, February 9

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Bathroom, 17:23


We got up sometime around 10:20 and had a late morning brunch. Both of us decided that we had had slightly too much wine last night. The key to this lay in the fact that a final bottle of red wine had appeared from somewhere, and neither of us even like red wine.

Irma decided that we should go to Lanterna because she has somehow learned that Hong Kong has bottle of Listerene for only 99c. We got there and eventually I found them. tiny bottles of Listerene scarcely visible to the naked eye. We left them there.

We went to Itis where, among other things, Irma got a sample of something by Dior by waving a coupon in front of someone at Stockmann. We then went to Prisma. We had just queued up and paid when Irma reminded me that I had forgotten something so I had to go through again.

I had asked Irma earlier if Marja would like an Aku Ankka taskukirja. Irma had laughed and said she had no idea, but possibly yes. I went back to get one.

At home I photograph the place where the shower and washroom split. The different lights interest me for at least the instant it takes to take the photo. Only afterwards, looking at the photograph, do I notice the swastika-like decoration, and wonder whether I should think about the different meanings of the swastika in Indian culture, where many people view it as a symbol of good fortune, although it has more specific meanings too.

Later we will watch an hour-long TV documentary about an almost deserted island filled with wild animals and fantastic sea life, known as Sri Lanka. We will briefly see the two or three dozen inhabitants as they fish.

I will have a cup of tea and find myself in bed by 21:30.