Monday, February 11

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 , 15:50


Snow had started again and I read that Helsinki has had as much snow in the last week as it normally gets all winter. 50,000 truckloads of snow have disappeared from the city streets into dumps somewhere, where presumably they will melt.

I got to work and spent the morning going through the grades for the MA Digital Mediascape course that finished just before Christmas. Some students had asked for extensions to the deadline and then we had left for India and then I had had flu. Time to finally do them.

I also wrote out a draft of the social network project for Matteo, who has had the rather neat idea of compiling a few projects into a mega project that might actaully attract money.

At 13:15 we had a Mediateam meeting and at 15:00 I sat down to speak with Sophie Hope for the first time since December.

I learn that her new baby is called Henry and I see him waving his arms around. We talk about the next few episodes and start planning. Sophie wants to get back into action, and so I suggest we both record an episode with Stephen Pritchard tomorrow morning. I promise to message him and see if we can swap the time to one we can all make.

I will leave Arcada to find the cat at home waiting to get out. I will attempt to let it out but it will keep refusing my offer. It can see the fresh snow outside. Eventually it will leave for thirty minutes before racing back at top speed.

Irma will arrive home about 20:30 after seeing Marja. I will have a huge slice of cake, with an equally large cup of tea, after which I will go to bed and cough myself asleep.