Tuesday, February 12

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Metro, 8:24


As I brushed my teeth this morning a tooth collapsed. The top part of it fell off neatly leaving me with a fetching little stump that felt fine. I left through the lightly falling snow, having said goodbye to a tired and sleepless Irma.

I find a window seat on the metro and I photograph the view from the metro as it crosses the bridge from Kuulosaari to Kalasatama. The trees wisp past and the icy sea glints in the steel blue light.

I will begin the day with some writing before having a meandering conversation with Monica and a short sharp meeting with Matteo, Tore and Shuhua. Mikael joined us and we discussed the possibilities inherent in combining research projects into a big bundle that Matteo wishes to call The Post-digital

At 10:45 I will leave to set up a room for the next episode of our podcast. Sophie and I will talk with Stephen Pritchard about a report published last week that claims to bring together the results of the Cultural Cities Enquiry. We will talk for almost an hour about it, although I will realise that I will need to cut this down for public consumption.

I will go for a walk to Lidl to buy fruit, hummous and tomatoes, and then return to start eating.

I will return home early to have fun with Sunshine who will leave the house under protest before returning home forty minutes later to demand to go out again.

I will read until Irma arrives home sometime around 20:00. We will have a talk, and then I will have a cup of tea, and then I will go to bed.