Wednesday, February 13

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Kitchen, 18:10


The snow fell lightly as I walked to the bus stop, but by the time I emerged from Sörnäinen metro station a full snow storm had started. People walked very slowly as the snow fell on yesterday’s ice.

Stephen and Sophie had both sent me their audio tapes so I spent the first part of the morning editing yesterday’s conversation into a podcast. We had talked for almost an hour so I cut the last twenty something minutes, which had veered into some interesting but not necessarily vital rants.

I left in the part where we decided to get back together for a conversation about strategies: the difficult conversation in which we move from acting as an opposition to propsing a series of practical idea. I genuinely look forward to that one.

After this, I answered some mail and then updated the site with the new material that Irma had sent. I also paused to make sure that I had the latest version backed up locally. I didn’t. I do now.

Jutta had a class this morning so we stopped for a chat when she had finished.

In the afternoon a former student, Idamaija, came to interview me about her MA thesis project: an AR app she has worked on at the Aalto Media Lab. We sat and discussed it.

At 15:45 I left Arcada for home and a Skype meeting with Scott. I slid to the tram stop and got home in time for Sunshine to go out in the sunshine.

Scott emailed me to cancel the meeting, because he had to finish a financial report for the university.

I walk around the house, thinking about things that I need to do, of which there seem many. I jot them down in Todoist, which seems to hold up as an app I can actually use with enthusiasm.

While I do this I notice the lamp hanging in front of a window that displays a riotous mixture of indoor and outdoor reflections.

I will shower and read, and then wait for Irma to return. I will retell a brief conversation that I had with Naa today, while making clear that I could well do without getting handed some kind of role as middleman.

We will exchange rueful grins, the way you see people do in movies.