Thursday, February 14

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Toukulankatu, 15:30


This morning, when I got up, I gave Irma two Ultima Thule tealamp holders and two sparkling wine glasses from the new Raami range by Jasper Morrison; all from iittala. I has also found a 3D Punch & Judy card to complete the Valentine celebrations. We seem to have developed a tradition that hooks iittala into Valentine Day.

Irma gave me some cosmetics and some underwear, along with a little book by the mysterious Sri M.

I left for work and slid slowly along the treacherous pavements. A bus came and I missed it because I had no intention of increasing my speed at the cost of decreasing my traction. I got the next one.

I spent the morning working on a number of applications without finding much enthusiasm for the process.

At 13:30 Micke and I discussed the Nobanet meeting that I had missed when I had flu. Only four people had attended it, and none of the promised follow-up had yet arrived. We agreed on a very practical plan. We will attempt to hold a meeting in Odense at the end of May. Micke will try to raise money inside Arcada to get us there. If we turn up then whoever else arrives will become the project stakeholders. If we don’t get there then the same will apply, except for the fact that we will no longer participate.

After this guillotine-like decision I decide I need a break. I opt to get dressed and walk to the mall to buy some bananas. As I walk down the street a postman cycles towards me over the ice and slush. The mail must get through, I think; imagining that he looks exactly like Kevin Costner.

He doesn’t.

I will finish the afternoon with a tutorial with an MA student, and then head to a Pixelache meeting. Before I leave I will check the Etherpad for the meeting and realise that absolutely everyone else will participate online. I will decide to join in the digital fun, and avoid slithering to Suvilahti.

At about 19:15 I will say goodbye and leave for home.