Friday, February 15

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Munkkiniemen Yhteiskoulu, 15:58


I left the house with no breakfast and got to Oral at 8:10 to read and wait for Tero to arrive. He saw me promptly at 8:30 and remade the tooth that had cracked open earlier in the week. While he did this he spotted another filling that needed fixing. By 9:10 I had two new teeth.

I spent the morning on a wide variety of small tasks. I made sure that I had everything set up for today’s podcast. I also went through the template list I have created in Todoist, and updated that. I saved it out as a csv file and then imported a copy for Episode 12 to make sure I understood how the process worked. Bingo, I did!

I had bought a month’s trial of Todoist and I needed to upgrde to a full year next week. Today, however, I got a discount code that gives me an extra three months’ premium subscription. I now have it until my birthday, by which point I will either find myself completely convinced or ready to drop it.

Actually, I already find myself completely convinced. Todoist has made planning and staying organised much esier than any other app I have ever used. The ability to nest projects and nest tasks sounds trivial but it has had a huge impact on how I can use it. My Todoist structure matches the structures I have in Dropbox and Evernote.

I wrote to Mats Bergman to explain my progress so far with my Peirce research. I included a copy of the essay that I wrote for Elize. Will he find this impressive in any way? I have no idea.

Irma phoned me at some point this morning to tell me that we had got an invitation to Niilia’s end-of-school dance, and so she met me in the car outside Arcada at 15:15.

We get to Munkkivuori, park the car, slither to the school, and meet Niilia. She shows us to seats where Tusita already sits. We watch the dance band set up in the school gym.

We will spend a couple of hours watching the pupils celebrate their graduation with dances from the 1920s.

On the way home we will stop briefly at Prisma where we will buy some sparkling wine to test the new glasses Irma got yesterday. The glasses will work perfectly and wine will flow from them into our mouths.

We will sit and talk about the future and what it might hold.