Tuesday, February 19

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Marjaniementie, 8:23


This morning I woke from a vivid dream for the second day in a row. I woke in the middle of trying to identify a book that I wanted to reread after thirty years. All I knew: the author had the name Robertson and it involved circuses or magicians or both. I wrote the name down.

I walked out of the house and into a thick mist. We had passed a threshold though. We had moved from sheets of ice with the pavement occasionally peeking through to wet or slushy pavements with occasional icy patches.

As the 97V approaches Itäkeskus I take a photograph from the window of the fog over the main road.

I get to Arcada and immediately google “Robertson author”. Within seconds I understand that I want to reread the Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies, which I did indeed read about thirty years ago. I remember that I found Fifth Business, the first novel in the trilogy, hard-going at first, but once I got into it, I read The Manticore and World of Wonders at full speed, and liked them both.

I wonder if I can find them in the library.

I will spend the morning writing instructions to students, and requests to possible interviewees. I will then turn my attention to editing the next episode of the podcast. It will prove as hard to edit as I feared.

The result will prove worth it. The fonal conversation seems coherent and interesting to me; and it follows on from the previous episode in its final call for a look at a vision of how we might actually achieve our goals.

I will look out of the window. The fog persists but I will notice that snow has added itself to the mix. It falls through the mist.

By the time I leave the snow will have turned into driving slush. When I arrive home I will arrive in pouring rain.