Wednesday, February 20

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Sörnäinen, 8:42


The weather had changed for the better this morning. The sun had come out and the ice had almost completely disappeared from a lot of the pavements.

When I get to Sörnäinen I just miss a tram and notice that the next one will artive in six minutes. I walk to the end of the platform and notice the graffiti and the painted box. I photograph them.

I will spend the day running through my to-do list, which consists of a lot of tasks I would otherwise forget.

I will spend the morning battling to install iTunes on my laptop and eventually succeeding, after using a Microsoft tool to perform occult services on the registry. I want iTunes because my primary task is to hook the Miaaw podcasts up to the world.

It will turn out that I never needed it anyway. The new version no longer lets you upload podcasts. Instead it hands this function off to a browser. Eventually I will register and send our podcasts off for review.

I will also register them with Stitcher, who will email me in the evening to say that they have accepted them for streaming.

I will write two blog posts: one for Pixelache and one for Social Tools. I will start a third for Arcada. I will also begin transcribing an article by Roy Shaw from Art Express in 1985, that Sophie sent me last week.

I will have two meetings with students, about very different projects, with quite different results. Both will prove positive.

Susanna Pääsonen will email to say that she definitely wants to record a discussion for Miaaw about the cultural democracy of amateur porn. Francois Mattarosso will confirm a time and date for a discussion about his new book, A Restless Art

I will leave early to let the cat out, because Irma will spend time with Marja again. I will read Guild Socialism Restated all the way home.