Saturday, February 23

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Plantagen, 17:26


Despite sitting with our new glasses drinking wine last night, we both woke up feeling refreshed at 10:00. We talked in bed about this large project that Irma has developed, and for which she will seek funding next week.

When we got up I did the cleaning and then spotted some ironing that I insisted on doing right now. Then we had brunch and I had a long shower.

I spent the afternoon writing a slide show with Irma to explain the Indian project in simple step-by-step terms. We took about three hours and created about twenty slides, all of them packed with information.

We look outside and notice that the sky is showing signs of dusk. We decide to walk to Plantagen to get some fresh air, and to practise sliding on the icy pavements. While we walk around the flowers I look in a wicker basket and see something interesting. The bottom has a plastic lining that reflects something that I cannot actually see when I look round.

We will walk back. I will practise vacuum-cleaning while Irma makes a chicken and pasta salad for dinner.

We will watch 3 episodes of the second series of Sinner before giving up and going to bed. It will prove as good as, if not better than, the first series. By the time we stop we will have seen the first half of the series, and still have no clear idea how the various elements will come together.