Sunday, February 24

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Kamppi, 16:14


We woke up and spent the morning talking about the possible project, and the effects it might have on our lives if it comes to pass. Short answer: it will have a lot of big effects.

We had cheese salad sandwiches for brunch. Irma announced that she had made them with vegan cheese from Juustoporto. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. Blind taste-testing, we love it.

In the afternoon we drive to Kamppi to see Irma’s mother. As we cross the road towards her apartment I look down at the cycling and walking path and notice that it has turned gold in the oncoming dusk.

We will spend an hour or more there talking about the weather, the family history,cakes, the changes in online banking, and Marja.

We will then leave to visit Marja, who will seem tired but amused. She will make jokes that make us both laugh.

We will almost get home in time to go to bed early.