Saturday, March 2

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Cable Factory, 13:35


We got up very slowly and had a leisurely brunch, after I had had a shower and before I had done some weekend cleaning.

At 12:40 we drove to Puotila and caught the metro to Ruoholahti. I had changed into a Spring jacket and forgotten to transfer my gloves, so I walked to the Cable Factory with my hands firmly in my pockets.

As we approach the entrance I photograph a Cable Factory billboard and a cuddly toy thing that marks the area out as friendly.

Irma has agreed to staff the Finnish Indian Society stall at the Yoga Festival this afternoon and I, misunderstanding the nature of the event, have agreed to accompany her.

I will find it interesting in several different ways. I will find the stand selling kombucha starter kits genuinely interesting, although I cannot persuade Irma that we should buy one. I will find the energy healing stand refreshingly stupid: a classic example of mindlessness in action. I will watch as a woman re-energises a volunteer by moving her hands in the general direction of his body – without ever actually touching him.

I will make the only sales of the day, when Irma goes off in search of a toilet. Two children will buy very glittery pens. They each have two euros and solemly hand them over, thanking me with exaggerated politeness. I will also encourage two women to each buy a copy of the same book.

Annika from Pellinge will pass by and announce that she has fallen completely in love. Later we will meet the lucky man. Irma’s old friend Sanna will also pass by, offering hellos.

I will buy Irma a Buddha box from Oh My Goodness and then get us both creamy kadhai from one of the other two food stalls.

We will get the metro back at about 17:10 and when we get out we will walk into thick snow at Puotila.

We will spend a wild Saturday night under the influence of tea and sandwiches.