Sunday, March 3

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Vartiokylä, 14:57


We got up early and I decided to do some ironing to get it out the way, and because I didn’t fancy going for a walk in the cold and icy woods.

As we prepare to leave I wander down to the woods to check that I made the right decision. I photograph the piles of snow and the leafless tress in the woods and decide I did indeed make the correct decision. Only a fool or a dog owner would voluntarily go for a walk over that ice.

We will go to see Irma’s mother and find Susanna and Arto there with Vanessa. We will sit and drink coffee and eat biscuits until we finally embark upon the main item on the agenda: practising Skype.

Irma would like her mother to skype her while we travel around India, or at least she would feel happier if she believed that her mother could do this if she chose to. We will start with replacing the password that she has forgotten. We will then install a modern version of Skype. I will then sit in the toilet while her mother attempts to skype me from another room.

Eventually we will make contact.

In the evening we will drive from Kamppi to see Marja who will appear noticeably weaker, but still amused and amusing. We will stay for almost two hours, and then drive home.