Wednesday, March 6

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Home, 18:34


I had an uneventful journey to work and started my morning with some course planning.

I finished off everything that I needed to do before the Structuring Information course starts the second day after I return from India. I made a road map as a Powerpoint slideshow and delineated the five assignments that will form part of the course, including defining how much weight each assignment will carry in determining the final grade. I set up everything on Its Learning.

At 11:00 I had a meeting with Jutta and Mirko to look at our course outlines, and to see how we could best update them so that they all fit together neatly. Fred joined us after an hour and we went through everything. I felt, for once, as though the meeting achieved all it needed to in the minimum possible time.

At 13:00 I finished off my hummus and coriander, although I still had cucumber and tomatoes left for tomorrow.

I began what I like to term thesis stuff, which involved emailing some students to ask what they had done with what they had promised to send me. It also involved reading some material that I had received and writing comments about it.

After this I return briefly to my course administration and then raced out of the building to (just) catch the 71 to Sörnäinen metro. I leaped off the bus and ran into the metro station to discover that the workmen had closed the entrance but put no warning signs. I found myself at the bottom of the stairs with crowds racing down as the people already at the bottom attempted to return.

Eventually, with people still pouring in and starting to shout, I made it upstairs and walked over the main road, Helsinginkatu, now completely closed for several hundred metres.

From there everything slid back into the usual routine. I arrived home at about 16:50 and let Sunshine out and then back in, and then out again and then in.

I realise that I have no photograph for today, and start looking round. I find Sunshine on the carpet in the room we still call Auo’s bedroom. Photogenic enough, I think.

In the late evening, when Irma has returned from seeing Marja, we will have the Finnair fiasco. She will attempt to check us in for Friday’s flight. Hers will proceed without a hitch, but mine will flash a warning to say that I need a visa, and then refuse to allow me to check in.

She will phone Finnair and get told that “it is a bug in the system. If you use the app then you can’t continue, but if you use the website then you can just ignore it”. We will never learn what “it” consists of. Does the bug occur randomly? On all foreign passports? On British passports, in which case it may have something to do somehow with Brexit?

I will go to bed with a board pass on my phone.