Thursday, March 7

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Arcada, 8:57


On the way to Arcada I realised that I had no fruit left on my desk and that I wanted some. I got off the bus and walked to S-Market where I bought five tangerines and three bananas. When I get to my desk I lay three pieces on the table to photograph. Only as I take the picture does it occur to me that they have positioned themselves like a smiley fruit face. I have half a mind to move them, but decide not to.

I will the first part of the morning editing the podcast that Sophie and I recorded earlier in the week about Guild Socialism. It will sound a lot more coherent than I had feared – or it will after I finish editing out the hums, hahs, pauses, and flubs.

After this I will eat my fruit with some crispbread and soup.

I will spend the afternoon going through my Todoist list for today, into which I have added everything that I should do at Arcada before leaving. They will all get done.

Irma will phone me with some fantastic news. We will both make whooping noises and everything will feel suddenly lighter.

I will get home, as requested, at approximately 17:45 and we will drive to Naa’s to deliver the cat. Naa and Sampo will look after him until we get back from Kerala.

We will then go to see Marja and say goodbye to her.

Irma will have the packing completely under control, as she always does, and we will try to get to bed early, because we have a taxi arriving at 5:30 tomorrow morning.