Saturday, March 9

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Chack Inn, 14:15


The homestay has a formal name: Chakupururakal, shortened to Chack Inn for the benefit of passing westerners.

We sleep until approximately 14:00. I sit outside on the large balcony and look at the driveway. I feel mildly jetlagged, or at least mildly lost in time and space. I will then go downstairs and collect the parcel from Anib, containing the Sagara house phone and Jio modem.

When we have got ready we will head over the road for breakfast at the Café du Marie at Mahaj House. Or lunch as they will call it.

We will get a rickshaw to Jewtown and walk around. I will buy a book of talks by Krishnamurti, and a book on intelligence “by” Osho.

We will find a pop-up shop where I will buy a hipster backpack by The Postbox, a designer co-op from Bangalore. This will allegedly replace my Samsonite briefcase which had started feeling uncomfortably adult, in the way Auo used to use the word.

We will get shown round a new concept hotel. It will feel like a journey round a Monocle photo-spread.

Finally we will get a rickshaw to the Malabar Junction hotel, where we will have dinner. We saw it last time we came to Kerela, but never ate there. Now we do.

I will finish my meal with a dessert of chocolate samosas.