Sunday, March 17

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Sagara, 14:25


The newspaper arrived yesterday to my delight and surprise, and today it arrived again: the bumper Sunday edition. I looked through the main section before breakfast.

Irma pointed out that I had somehow slept through a major festival with non-stop music. I had heard nothing.

We spent the first half of the day working in earnest. Irma sat on the ground floor balcony with her latop writing proposals and I worked on the second floor with my iPad, Lego stand, and magic keyboard.

I brought my diary up to date and started writing the scripts for the Interactive Storytelling videos.

As I sit writing I look up at the eagles apparently taking it in turns to glide over the quarry and back onto the trees where they sit all day. I can see them both above and below me. We have counted eighteen of them; many more than in previous years.

Irma will have the grant for SISP transferred into their bank account, somewhat confusing Paul who cannot believe things happening so quickly, and with so few forms. I will turn my attention to programming Arduinos again, to reassure myself that I will not walk into any nasty surprises.

The sheer fun of doing something, of making something, gets me so excited that I remember Ardour, the open source DAW, and wonder where this might fit in.

If it doesn’t fit here, it will fit somewhere else. I will realise that my itch to make soundscapes has returned.