Tuesday, March 26


Herttaniemi, 16:20


When Irma woke up she told that the event last night had defined a new methodology: something she had woken up understanding. We had a happy and unusually talkative breakfast.

I loaded my stuff into my new rucksack, designed and created by The Postbox in Chennai; a hipster design company whose bags I liked. I brought home my old Muji bag-in-a-bag yesterday and, using this, everything has a proper place, and everything fits.

At 10:15 I began the opening session of Structuring Information by taking the group through a road map of the course. We then started looking at Cloud9 and two of the students had managed to get into trouble before I had finished my second sentence.

By 12:30 everybody seemed suitably confused so we stopped for lunch with a promise that I would go through everything that we had done step-by-step at the next session on Thursday.

After a quick lunch I set about trying to reinstall all the Adobe applications on my laptop: a nightmare task that has hung over me for months. I finally left the installer running overnight.

On the way home Maria told me that she will leave for southern Italy at 3:35 tomorrow morning. She has an ENCATC workshop or two to participate in.

She also explained about The Remaking of Sörnäinen. The current roadworks will do much more than replace the cables and tramlines. They will create a car-free street and new bicycle lanes, and garden areas. This will all take about two years, during which the trams will not run.

On the metro I look out of the window at the bright Spring day; a complete contrast to yesterday. I would like more of this please, I think. I take a picture out of the window as we approach Herttaniemi.

I will get home first and let Sunshine out, and then let him back in. And then out again. He will remain out until bed time.

When Irma arrives she will tell me that Sue has emailed her to tell me to look at Facebook Messenger. There I will discover that Derek Love drowned himself in the sea off Rye. He and I wrote some good songs together at university and he continued singing them for years afterwards.

Sue and I will have a conversation about him, his life, and his death. The three of us maintained a very close friendship for many years.

Later Irma and I will watch the final episode of The Sinner, and agree that it had an unusually satisfying end in which the major plot threads all got resolved without resorting to chicanery.