Thursday, March 28

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Aurora Hospital, 19:35


I went to work listening to Darlingside on my Bluetooth earphones. As I stood on an unexpectedly full bus, and then on an overfull metro, I decided that I had made the right choice. Reading would have proved impossible, and the new Darlingside EP, Look Up and Fly Away felt like morning music.

I spent the morning teaching the second session of the Structuring Information course. Some people had emailed to say that they had better things to do, but those that turned up paid attention and everything that should have got done did get done.

I went to the International Office to find out if Micke and I had any possibility of getting an Erasmus training grant to go to Odense. I got the answer “I don’t know” which left me suitably puzzled.

I then downloaded Scribus to use to design Marja’s funeral programme, since the Adobe applications on my laptop have all stopped working due to licensing issues and the new installer that Dane gave me simply won’t work.

Irma collected me from Arcada at 16:00 and we drove to Kamppi to collect her mother’s rollatori, and then to Aurora hospital to deliver it. We had a, hmm, lively time with her there.

On the way out of Aurora Hospital we spot some very “hospital art”-like hospital art. I stop to capture the moment. It seems fitting somehow.

We will drive back home too late to let Sunshine out. His opinion about htis will differ from ours, and the evening will erupt every now and then with disgruntled howling.