Friday, March 29

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Yrjö-Koskisen katu, 14:35


I had another morning of standing on the bus and metro. After one and beofre the other, I stood on the platform at Itäkeskus and put Darlingside in my ears again.

The door to corridor A3 at Arcada has not worked for two days. As I arived a man stood there fixing it. He would stand there most of the day; alternating between crouching by the door and standing on a stepladder peering through the ceiling panels. Just before I leave in the afternoon I will notice that he has left, and the door works again.

I spent nost of the morning script writing for the Interactive Storytelling course, which will take place entirely online this year.

By 14:00 I had found my way to Kaisaniemi and walked to Soc & Kom to meet Mats Bergman, to discuss the possibility of doing a second doctorate under his supervision. We agreed on a plan which (unfortunately) involves me creating a complete research plan by this time next week.

On the way back to the metro I spot some of the new electric scooter that one can rent by the hour to careen dangerously around the city centre. I photograph the new electric scooters which stand next to the still-empty parking spaces that will house the bikes that one can rent by the hour to move more sensibly around Helsinki.

I will head back to Arcada and spend the rest of the afternoon setting up next week: calls with Cathy, Sophie, Abhi, and meetings with students in the form of tutorials.

I will walk to Kalasatama on a fine Spring afternoon and listen to Darlingside all the way home.

In the early evening we will go to the Stockmann Crazy Days where Irma will buy a Bang & Olufsen speaker to bluetooth to her phone.

We will wander the new Herkku in the basement of Stockmann for the first time. HOK-Elanto took over the Stockmann Delis last year and now have completely remodelled this one, and probably the others.

We will find ourselves pleasantly lost.