Sunday, August 5

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Kamppi, 16:30

This morning I raced to Kamppi to relieve Naa. She went home and the three of them then drove to Sundö to celebrate Ann-Sofie’s confirmation which took place at midday in Porvoo. I am spending the day with Irma’s father.

We have had a series of minor adventures. I took five cabbage parcels for lunch, with new potatoes and gravy. Jussi asked to taste one, to make sure he liked them, and then said that he would have all of them. So he did.

Now Irma’s mother has returned, happy and excited, and I have left. I am on my way to McDonald’s for a late lunch. I will have a El Maco Jnr and a chocolate shake. The family on the next table will deliberately leave their free McDonald’s Olympics drinking glass and, after a decent interval, I will assume that they left it for me. Which it will turn out they did, since we now have it at home.

Everyone else will arrive back from Sundö an hour or so after me. Naa and I will go to bed early.