Sunday, March 31

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Vartiokyläntie, 11:11


The clocks went forward at 2:00 this morning and I wandered round the house changing the ones that didn’t change automatically.

Lady Irma had her name day today. I had bought her a title from Sealand in the form of a framed certificate accompanied by official documents. I also gave her a gift voucher for Body Shop, because Ladies need pampering.

She found it hilarious, as I had hoped she would.

I went out for my first long weekend walk of the year. The sun shone as I strode through the woods. The far end, with the steep slope, still had ice covering it, so I made a detour and eventually ended up walking back up Vartiokyläntie.

I notice a patch of snow sitting on its own in the middle of a garden, and photograph it. Our garden looks like this now. A few chunks of snow lying like islands in the middle of an increasingly visible lawn.

In the afternoon we will start cleaning the house and clearing out some of our old books. We will find some books in German that we bought ten years or so ago in a remaindered bookstore in Berlin, and decide that we have owned them long enough.

I will look outside at one point and see a sudden hailstorm, with hail bouncing off the ground.

Once it has finished we will decide to visit Irma’s mother in Aurora hospital. She will seem considerably improved, and sit talking sense until she suddenly decides that she has become tired, and asks us to leave.

We will both go to bed early.