Monday, April 1


Itäväyla, 19:43


Yesterday I had imagined cycling to work today. At the very moment I imagined it a hailstorm arrived from out of nowhere. It lasted long enough for the cat to abandon any idea of going outdoors, and for me to lose interest in getting my bike out of the shed and checking the tyres. By the time it ended I had already started doing something else.

This morning I left the house in Spring shoes and jacket, although the air felt cold enough to heed Irma’s advice and take gloves. I passed a lot of cyclists as I walked to the bus stop. Next week, I thought to myself.

I started the morning with Todoist, reviewing my week, and moving things around. I have yet to tire of using it, as I thought I might. It has become a very productive habit.

At 10:00 I had a Skype meeting with Cathy Hunt in Brisbane to discuss recording an episode for the Miaaw podcast. I had not spoken to her since Chips and Don’s wedding, which reminded me that I have not spoken to Chips for a long time either. We agreed that we would do it, in a few weeks.

I then read an article that Pluti had asked me to read, and wrote him some comments. He phoned me and we chatted about my comments.

I spent the next part of the day preparing for tomorrow morning’s class and for the video recording I will do tomorrow afternoon.

At 15:00 I began talking with Sophie Hope on Zoom and at 15:30 Abhijit Sinha joined us from Project Defy in Bangalore. We recorded episode 15 of the Miaaw podcast, talking about the reasons for creating a parallel project called RAGE, and about how these projects do or do not fit in with the ideas of cultural democracy that forms the (sometimes hidden) basis of our discussions.

Then, that having ended, I attempted to contact Scott Cunningham in Texas.

At 18:45, my international day over, I got the bus to Sörnäinen and the metro to Itäkeskus, where I leaped onto a 93 bus with seconds to spare.

I get off the bus and look at the graffiti over the road, that has remained there for five or more years, in a slowly mutating form. I find myself surprised by the light at this time in the evening. It seems only a couple of weeks ago that I came home in the dark. I photograph the wall in case it goes through any sudden changes and head home.

The cat will greet me.