Thursday, April 4

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Työpajankatu, 12:50


Another restless night, but of a different kind: I slept soundly until 5:00, woke up, and lay in bed sliding in and out of surface nightmares until the alarm rang and I got up.

The nightmares starred the usual cast of characters: Jana, Naa, Irma’s mother, with a surprise guest starring role for John C Lilly who had, according to someone else in the dream, written a book called How To Be Human.

If he had actually written that book then I would certainly have made an effort to find it. The Human Biocomputer definitely made me think, as did Simulations of God. (He gets a free pass on using the term “the human biocomputer” because a) he wrote the book in 1974 well before this idea became a cliche, and b) because he never claims that the brain is a biocomputer, only that treating it as one can prove useful within certain experimental limits.)

Irma had not slept well either so we stumbled around each other at breakfast time before I left for the bus in a bright cold that made me glad of my gloves.

I spent the morning teaching about HTML tables and css menus. The class showed a deadly difference in their attentiveness, knowledge and skills. I tried to fix problems arising from carelessness on one computer while keeping the half of the class that had followed perfectly from getting bored.

At 12:45, after a ten minute bus ride on the number 55 bus, I find myself walking into the Kellohalli courtyard and almost tripping over a concrete tortoise. I stop to look at it. Tortoises like this have become a fixture in Helsinki, used to block traffic or cordon off areas. This one almost stopped me.

At 13:00 Charles will arrive, just as I sit down in Ravintola Palema, opposite Kellohalli. We will eat our pea soup. He will ten have baltic herrings while I will have mifu and roast vegetables on a bed of mashed potato.

We will talk about Cirko and the work he has done there. He will return to London at 8am on Monday and return at the beginning of May to give a series of lectures at Metropolia as part of a course on arts management.

We will part and I will get a 55 back to Arcada where I will book the rooms for all my teaching in the next academic year. I will also have the time to go over some problems that arose in this morning’s teaching – odd problems with no easy explanation – to see if I can solve them.

Final score: Solved 1, Unsolved 3.

At 16:30 I will leave into the continuing bright Spring sun and head home to find Sunshine desperate to go out. And back in. And out again. And so on.

Irma will arrive home in the middle of the evening from a dinner with the MakeSomeNoise gang, exhausted but happy.