Monday, April 8

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Itäväylä, 8:02


I checked the weather forecast before I went to sleep last night and realised that I would probably not cycled to work this morning. Yesterday the temperature rose to about 10 degrees. This morning it had dropped to 2 degrees, with a promise of heavy rain any moment now.

I check the bicycle tyres, which still feel completely inflated, before I walk to the bus stop. I stand there under a more-or-less grey sky waiting for a 97V.

At Arcada I will have a lot to do and little energy for doing it. I will examine an MA thesis at 10:00, and wish that I could find myself almost anywhere else in the world. The thesis will not answer the research question, and the presentation will not really explain the thesis. It will go on for a very long time.

At midday Jutta and I will walk to S-Market and I will buy fruit while she buys a week’s worth of groceries.

In the afternoon I will make an attempt to write a research plan for my proposed doctorate at Helsinki University. I will not produce anything that makes me feel confident, let alone happy.

I will break off to rehearse my class tomorrow, where I will look at css variables and begin explaining about javascript.

At 16:35 I will leave Arcada, listening to Andrew Bird, and at 17:30 I will talk with Scott on Skype.