Saturday, April 13

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Sundö bay, 13:45


We woke up early to a bright summery morning. We had breakfast and did some cleaning and then left for Sundö.

On the way we stopped at the bread shop on the Old Porvoo Road to buy some bread and a big blackcurrant pie. We also stopped in Borgå itself to buy a bottle of wine for the evening.

We got to Sundö and decided to drive past into Pellinge to see Erika’s shop before we said hello to Mika and Camilla. Gårda stood behind the counter and shrieked gleefully to see us again. We bought fish and vegetables and all sorts of village things. I noticed that Erika has now leapt with both feet into the Oatly revolution. She has vegan milks, creams, yogurts, icre-cream and spreads.

We arrive back at the farm and check the summer house. Everything appears fine. We walk up to say hello to Mika who we catch in the middle of some farm work with a tractor. As we walk back down to the farmhouse I stop to take a photo of the bay. Apparently the ice melted very quickly on Wednesday and Thursday.

We will spend the afternoon with Camilla and Mika. Johan will pop in briefly before returning to Borgå where he now lives with Tanja. We will discuss our separate family woes and I will find myself unable to decide who currently has the worse situation.

We will spend some time in the barn with the new lambs. We will hear how the new dog, Heidi, has hardly any interest in herding sheep at all: to the extent that she now spends time in Åbo with Ann-Sofie, leaving Amy (who really does like rounding sheep up) to do the farm work.

Eventually we will leave, having arranged to return next week for the Easter market. We will drive home and Irma will cook the fish we bought from Erika, which Jorre caught this morning.

We will drink what some people might describe as too much wine. We will go to bed happy.