Tuesday, April 16

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Garden, 17:35


I slept all night and woke with a start at 7:12. Irma also woke up early and started rolling up curtains and talking to the cat. I ate my pseudo Shredded Wheat and Irma announced that the blackcurrants on top constituted the very last of last autumn’s pickings. They saw us right through the winter.

I spent the morning teaching javascript in the second half of the Structuring Information course. We have left the shallows and some of the students have begun to claim that they have never learned to swim. I talked them through some of the parts they claimed not to understand and everything ended happily ever after. For this morning at least.

Riku has a leak at home. In fact he and his family have to abandon their flat while the insurers for the flat upstairs order the repairs they cannot get out of. He came in to collect cardboard boxes from the restaurant so he could start packing.

In the afternoon I heard good news from Irma. The Indian project, which she has decided to call dgd, has passed the next stage of approval, and we have committed ourselves to do a skills mapping in Kerala in October.

I spent an hour on Skype with Luke, catching up and exchanging news. Jack and Denise have exchanged contracts on a flat in Sydenham. Alice has a mystery illness. Sue, Jack, Denise, and children, will spend a week in Leeds, starting tomorrow.

I arrive home in a sudden summer, wearing too many clothes. I wander into the garden and photograph some spring flowers growing in the remains of last autumn’s dried leaves, now tinted and fragile.

In the evening Irma and I will engage in ironing and laughter before she makes me look at one of the issues of Arts Illustrated that we bought at Modern Book Centre. I will decide that I really like the work of Nandan Ghiya. I will reacquaint myself with the paintings of Alice Neel and the conceptual wizardry of Eli Rezkallah.