Wednesday, April 17

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738 bus, 8:29


I got up early again, ready to go. We had breakfast, and then Irma suggested to me that I should ride with her to Itis. I said yes.

We met Sami as we walked to the metro. Irma and Sami had a meeting at Aalto in Tapiola. I sit with them till Sörnäinen and then get out to catch a bus.

The Spring light dazzles everyone. It pours through the window as I sit on the bus and I notice the floor by my feet. The light changes and flickers and the scene appears to reconstitute itself every few seconds. I take a photo that bears no chromatic relationship to the photo I could take in one minute’s time.

I will find peace in the office. Nobody has arrived except Monica and I. I sit down to edit the podcast episode with Abhijit. I will struggle for a couple of hours to balance the sound levels and to try to remove as much of the noise from Abhi’s end as I can. Eventually I will get something that I think we can live with.

The weather will continue to impersonate summer. Jutta will arrive. I will walk to the mall with her at lunchtime. I will intend to go for a walk but I will not have the willpower to resist buying a berliinimunkki that calls to me.

In the afternoon I will have a sixty minute chat with Sophie. We will plan the next few episodes and begin to make plans for bigger things. Sophie will toss in the idea of a jointly written sf story, imagining a world fifty years from now in which cultural democracy has become a dominant way of life.

Mirko and I will then create a learning path in Its Learning for the coming-soon online Interactive Storytelling course.

I will listen to the Oysterband all the way home, and as soon as I get there we will leave for Kamppi to collect some post. Irma’s mother has arrived home for a test visit, and has phoned to demand we remove some mail. We will collect it, but this will serve to deflate Irma.

The ride home will feel much quieter and reflective than the ride to Kamppi.