Thursday, April 18

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Arcada, 15:00


Irma still felt deflated this morning and I could well understand why. She messaged me as I got to Arcada to say that Jans’ solicitor had sent her an email. I encouraged her to open it.

I carried on with a javascript project all morning with the group doing Structuring Information. Not everyone had arrived but those that had kept up, and we got a long way. I look forward to next Tuesday’s session when I have to try to bring the absentees up to speed.

I spent the afternoon catching up on all the small tasks that I would normally do on Friday to close the week. I backed things up, answered emails, wrote notes, checked off tasks on Todoist, and more.

At 15:00 I walk round the building and look out of the window at the sun. I take a photograph through the windows at the end of the main third floor corridor. Winter has melted away and green has arrived.

I will go back to the office and carry on writing and reading. Sophie will send some mails and I will answer them.

At 16:30 I will head home for a four day Easter break. Religion offers some small advantages.

As soon as I get home we will have to go to Kamppi to pick up more mail, but on the way home we will come up with a plan to prevent this happening again.

We will not return in time to sit outside in the summery sun with a cold cider. We will, however, get home in time to sit indoors and have one.