Sunday, April 21

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Sundö, 13:42


We got up slowly. My necked still ached but it seemed to move properly again, as long as I moved it slowly.

The day started hot and got hotter. We ate brunch indoors because the wind had started to build up.

Last year Mika saw his grandfather’s old car for sale and bought it, bringing it back to Sundö for the first time in forty years. Yesterday he drove it around in the festivities. Today I photograph Mika’s Chevrolet as it sits quietly waiting to go back into the barn.

I will pump the tyres up on the two working bikes and we will go for a short ride. Irma has Auo’s old bike and the seat needs raising. I will bring some allen keys for that next weekend but, for the moment, Irma will cycle in an odd and painful position.

We will decide to leave today, and we will manage to leave just in time for the ferry pause. We will get home about 17:25.

My neck will start to hurt again and I will go early to bed.