Monday, April 22

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Itis, 16:44


I had Pellinge fish for breakfast in sandwiches.

We then pretended that we lived in Sunday and changed all the bedding, before we pretended that we lived in Saturday and did all the house cleaning. This took a couple of hours.

By the end I had got into cleaning so much that I went outside and did all the outdoor window washing. I washed the inner windows of one set, and then felt that I had done enough for one day.

We went to Prisma, where we met some policemen filling a police van with soft drinks and candy. We then walked to Itis.

We wander through the quiet and almost empty mall, looking for nothing in particular. While Irma looks in Indiska I stand and watch the animated advertisment hanging from the roof. For a second it seems as though Auo is watching over the shopper like an angel. When I show her the photograph Irma will spot the same thing before I can say anything.

We will go home and then, before we can eat, we will get invited to Irma’s relatives in Espoo. Off we will drive to spend a couple of very pleasant hours with them.

On the way back we will notice that Otaniemi seems to have a new city growing within it.

Finally we will finish the holiday with a traditional fish supper with fish from Pellinge.