Wednesday, April 24

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Arcada, 15:43


This morning I woke up after a deep sleep and remembered to cycle to the station. I felt hot in my light jacket by the time I got there.

I started the day with a dose of Arcada admin, including a chat with Tiina about the MA course she has inherited. I continued with preparation for the first (and possibly only) session for the Interactive Storytelling course, which will run almost entirely online.

I emailed, WhatsApped and Facebooked Luke, to say Happy birthday, and then Jutta and I walked to Lidl to buy fruit in the bright sun. We planned as we walked. If the weather stays like this we will soon have summer outdoor meetings by the sea.

At 13:15 I started Interactive Storytelling with a Powerpoint show that explained the course. Everyone in the room, except one person in the back row, had Netflix, so everyone will have the opportunity later in the course to watch Bandersnatch as research.

The students formed themselves into teams of two or three and posted their teams on Its Learning. At 15:30, with all questions answered, the class ended.

I walk slowly along the corridor to clear my head and see the bird nesting through the slit-like window in the outer wall for the second Spring in a row.

When I return to the office I will find Jutta somewhere between frustration and panic. Her bookings for next year have gone wrong. I will rearrange a bit of my schedule to fit in with Jutta. She did the same for me last year, on a much larger scale.

I will leave for home at the same time as Nathalie and we will travel from Arcada to Puotila together. I will remember to collect my bike and cycle home.

Sunshine will, of course, wander in and out for most of the evening until dusk starts to fall and the temperature drops.

Irma will arrive home from a dinner with Swedish politicians in a Turkish restaurant. I will ask if she thinks this better than a dinner with Turkish politicians in a Swedish restaurant.

Oh how we will laugh.