Thursday, April 25

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Hakaniemi tori, 8:40


Yesterday Kepa, our neighbour, posted on Facebook that he had a new ep out, featuring him on piano, bass and theramin. He posted some links and I listened to it on iTunes, liked it, and bought it.

This morning I cycled to Puotila, locked my bike, put in my earbuds, and listened to Kepa Lehtinen’s Helsinki in Autumn all the way to Hakaniemi. I decided on my favourite track, for today at least: Earth’s Climate System.

I come out of the metro at Hakaniemi into bright sunlight. I walk into the market square, which already has customers, and cafes filled with people drinking coffee. I take a photograph and then walk through the indoor market, housed in a temporary building while the ancient indoor market gets a makeover.

I will walk up Hameentie and turn right to get to the Helsinki Maistraatti building, also undergoing renovation. I will wait until it opens at 9:00 and then rush in to get my MA degree certified by the Notary Public, so that Helsinki University will accept it as the genuine article.

I will spend the morning with Jutta going through the forehandsuppgifter from this year’s applicants. We will look through them all in detail and eventually come up with grades for them all, which we will deliver to Fred.

At 13:00 I will have a brief lunch and then turn my attention to preparing tomorrow’s session for Structuring Information: a very brief introduction to the HTML canvas. I will also begin checking the contents of the downloadable packs for Interctive Storytelling.

At 16:00 I will leave to let Sunshine out into the now overclouded weather.