Friday, April 26

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Arcada, 15:02


I woke up at 3:00 to the sound of the first rain in a week or two. I wondered where my bicycle seat had got wet and then went straight back to sleep.

When I left the house at 7:55 I noticed that the final strip of winter snow had gone from the back garden. The rain had melted it or washed it away or both.

I spent the morning running the final session of Structured Information. We looked at the shallow end of the HTML5 canvas. We made lines and shapes and text. Finally I got everyone to make a five pointed star while I attempted to make one myself. We all, in our own ways, succeeded.

I then switched my attention to this week’s podcast. I made a final edit to the sound file (to add a bit more of Sophie at the start), re-uploaded the file to Soundcloud, sent out advertisements, and tidied up the page on for the episode.

I posted a note on Teams because two big email chains arrived congratulating someone on something and someone else on something else. A total of 33 emails arrived while I was editing sound files. Should we not do this on Teams, I asked, or we will end up in the same situation as Pixelache.

Only Jutta answered.

At 15:02 I notice how hot I have become. I walk over to the thermometer and photograph the temperature. At least I photograph something and hope I have photographed the thermometer.

I will listen to an album by Krishna Das all the way to Puotila and then remove my earbuds to cycle home. I will spot the difference between listening to relaxing chants and failing to hear the approaching truck.

Irma will arrive home an hour or so after me with a series of stories about her day.