Sunday, April 28

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Garden, 18:09


I woke more slowly today and went for a long walk listening to Phil Ochs for the first time in several years. I had had a tune running through my head several times in the last week, and I had finally realised that I had suffered a random invasion of Rehearsals for Retirement.

I spent an hour listening, fearing that I would find it dated or “of its time” but, no: almost all of it sounded better than I had dared hope. I decided that I would continue listening to him for the next few days.

We had a long slow brunch and after that we sat around the kitchen table where we spent 5 hours totally absorbed by the process of application writing. From time to time I looked outside at the bright sunlight but I put it to one side and continued thinking and typing.

By about 17:30 we had arrived at a detailed presentation without any arguing at all. Even better, the presentation seemed coherent because in the final thirty minutes we both spied a plot twist that brought the whole thing together in a tapestry of logic.

When we finish I notice Sunshine leaning in that peculiar way that he has while sleeping in the garden. He has squashed himself under a garden chair and has managed to use it as a head rest.

I contemplate a second walk but instead tend to the bikes just long enough to find myself outside when the temperature suddenly drops as the sun goes in. I find myself happily walking back inside.