Monday, April 29

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Puotila metro, 8:03


We woke up early this morning feeling active and raring to go. I had breakfast and went.

I cycle to the metro where I notice the new city bikes. They have appeared in all sorts of places this Spring, so they have obviously proved successful. I saw some standing opposite Alepa in a new rack, and some have appeared by Kalasatama metro. I ponder about whether I should join so that I can cycle from Kalasatama to Arcada (a rack waits for me outside the mall) while I photograph them.

At Arcada I will have a brief meeting with Sussi to make sure that she has, in fact, done everything that needs to happen about my pension. She will explain that she has had a long conversation with the person Arcada deals with at the tax office and she learned two things. Firstly she has done everything she needs to do, and secondly the system has become completely automatic this year so she actually had very little to do.

At 10:00 Sophie and I will have a conversation with Susanna Pääsonen about the relationships, if any, between amateur porn communities and ideas of cultural democracy. All will go well and the conversation will take interesting turns. I will edit it next week.

At 11:00 I will act as examiner for the public presentation of an MA thesis. It will prove a well researched and cogently argued piece of work that deserves the 4 out of 5 that we will will give it.

Jutta and I will walk to the mall at lunch time and then I will spend the entire afternoon in Tiina’s meeting. She wants to rethink the MA course that she has just taken over, and so we will sit and brainstorm, as they say. I will learn, for the first time, about the other courses so that, at least, will make the enterprise worthwhile.

Over the weekend I read a post in a Todoist Forum that suggested that, out of all the email apps in the world for iOS, Spark worked best with Todoist. I had looked at it previously but I downloaded it again. Airmail has had problems recently and I decided that Spark did genuinely seem better. I then discovered that they had just introduced a free Android app.

I will check my email several times during the less interesting parts of the meeting, and I will end up uninstalling Airmail and making Spark my email app of choice.