Tuesday, April 30

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Kustaa Vaasan tie, 16:00


I cycled to the metro under a bright blue sky and then spent the morning finalising the downloadable zip pack for the first module of the interactive storytelling course that starts on May 6.

Mirko and I went through the new learning paths option on Its Learning and decided that we could make it work as the backbone of the online course. We looked at the various options and I sat down and made Block 1.

When I examined an MA thesis yesterday one of the students in the audience said that she would present her thesis today. I decided to go and watch Cat’s thesis and ended up very glad that I did. She had researched the mechanics of organising a successful campaign using social media influencers. I had not realised that she and her husband have become social media influencers and have six figure followers. I decided that I would very much like to record a discussion with her for the podcast series.

I finished the afternoon with a quick online planning discussion with Sophie, because we will have to build up a backlog of episodes to deal with summer holidays.

As I wait for a bus to the metro station I notice the Lidl advertisement on the bus shelter. Over the last few years Lidl summer ads have become a thing: an annual multimedia coordinated bout of wackiness. I photograph what I take as the key image from this year’s campaign. All three of the characters have their own solo posters, and presumably they will all appear, separately and together, in associated television and newspaper ads.

I will arrive home early to find myself mysteriously alone.

Irma will eventually arrive from Stoa having forgotten the time, and then looking up to discover the library closed and the building empty.

We will walk to Alepa to buy Vappu cakes, and look at the balloon seller.

When we return home we will sit outside and drink one 300ml cider each, which we left in the fridge last Saturday. The weather will turn suddenly cold so we will end our Vappu party immediately.

We will sit indoors and read until bedtime.