Tuesday, May 7

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Arcada, 15:00


The weather had changed again, so I cycled to the metro station under dark clouds with my gloves on.

I read an MA thesis as soon as I arrived, and approved it for examination. I then checked the course that started yesterday on Its Learning to see if it had fallen apart yet. It hadn’t.

Our social influencer graduate emailed me to say that she would turn down my offer to interview her for Miaaw on the grounds that “I quite honestly need a little break from talking about influencer marketing”. Ho hum.

I had a research meeting with Matteo, Shuhua and Tore in which we looked at why nobody had given us any money and decided what to do about it. Unsurprisingly we decided that the correct solution involved asking for more. More specifically we decided that I will lead the next application and we will pivot, as people used to say in the startup biz, by presenting the same ideas in a new form: packaged as action research that answers a simple problem by proposing to devise and test a simple solution.

After this I sorted out two theses, in the sense that I read them, even though one student had written in Swedish; got examiners for them; and asked Monica to timetable their presentations. I then brought the records for all the other students I have responsibility for up to date. They each have a next action in their individual projects in Todoist now.

Time started to pass in a blur as I wrote some descriptions for Nathalie, wrote some emails about Pixelache, asked Tomas about a swathe of unrelated matters, did some more organising, and finally found space to edit the next episode of Miaaw.

Before I do anything I go for a walk around the building to see what I can see. I see a student walking past the end of the corridor. I walk downstairs for a quick look around the library and then back up again.

At my desk I will settle down to see how quickly I can patch together our conversation with Susanna Pääsonen.