Thursday, May 9

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Arcada, 16:19


I spent the morning in a lengthy tutorial with a student whose thesis seems so good that I felt she deserves the extra time to make it perfect.

I then carried on planning the next blocks for the Interactive Storytelling course. In a way I have already planned them. However I do not want to assume that I have got the format right until the students have struggled through the first block. I have therefore monitored progress and fine-tuned the plans for the rest of the course. I will continue to do that.

Interspersed with this, I wrestled with my new computer. All sorts of things needed adjusting, and so I alternated between thinking about the course and looking online for remedies to my problems.

At lunchtime I went downstairs for the first time in a couple of weeks to sit with some other staff members, chatting about this and that in several languages, some of which I understood. I ate lentil casserole with baked potatoes.

After this the guy from the help desk whose name I can never remembered turned up to collect my old monitor. He pointed out that it had an hdmi connection and asked why I didn’t have two large monitors. What a good question, I thought.

I have now spent another hour setting up the two large monitors so that they work to my satisfaction. I have a little more to do, but I have an interestingly upgraded desk now. I photograph it to prove it exists.

At 16:30 I will leave for home, where I will have a planning session in Zoom with Sophie.