Friday, May 10

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Sundö, 19:00


Today we planned to work from home and drive to Sundö sometime in the afternoon. I got up and had my usual breakfast and then went for a long walk, accompanied by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, whose most recent album The Punishment of Luxury remains on my playlist´, and might well count as their best ever album.

Irma spent the morning writing reports while I spent a couple of hours emailing students, staff, and sundry random citizens of Earth.

We left in the afternoon and travelled down the Old Porvoo road under a warm, cloudy sky. Sunshine had not wanted to go out and seemed happy in the car. When we got to Sundö he shot out of his box and wandered around the garden.

We settled in and took some flowers to Mika who has his birthday today, and his party tomorrow. We said hello to Camilla and Johan. The weather had turned cold so we put the heating on full when we went back to the cottage, and put extra jumpers on until the heating started to work.

We drove to Benita’s to get some water and found that she had opened, so we went in and sat in the warmth with her and Helmer, while a few tourists came and went. Ville and Margit arrived but sat outside in the freezing wind so that Margit could smoke. We stopped and chatted as we left the warmth of the cabin.

At home again we sit in the warm kitchen while Irma makes a pasta box. I notice the cupboard doors in the late afternoon light and sit on the floor to photograph them.

Later we will share a bottle of sparkling wine while the cat sleeps on the bed.