Sunday, May 12

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Sundö, 14:21


Today people celebrated Mother’s Day, except for Irma. Naa has gone off to search for herself and, as part of that process, has decided to stop talking to us. She sent a message in the middle of yesterday’s party saying that she did not feel ready to meet us yet.

I gave Irma a card featuring Mumminmamma and some earrings that she had picked out herself in Gumbostrand a few weeks ago. I understood that she would have preferred a card from Naa.

We drove to see Helmer and buy some gasoline for the mower. Then we drove home and mowed. I had sworn that the grass would prove too wet to mow. Irma had denied this, and she proved right. In less than an hour the whole garden had an even covering of grass, and very nice it looked.

Irma went to say goodbye to Camilla, and collect the champagne glasses we had lent her. We collected the cat, and got ready to leave.

We sit parked, behind a truck, waiting for the ferry. I get out of the car and wander over to look at the island noticeboard, to see if anyone has made any announcements about Musikdager. They haven’t, at least not yet. They have also not offered any boats for sale at bargain prices.

I stand and look at the various notices and then take a photograph as the sun drifts down weakly through the trees.

When we get home we will pretend we have just woken up on a Saturday, and start cleaning the house. After this I will go for a walk, listening once again to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

After that Irma and I will talk about Naa’s predicament, which depresses Irma no end. After thatI will read a book I bought last week.

And that will prove enough for today for me.