Thursday, May 16

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Arcada, 16:20


Irma got up late because she will work until 21:00 tonight. I got up at the normal time and moved quietly to avoid waking her.

I planned on walking but a 55 bus arrived just as I left Kalasatama metro station. I jumped on, it drove down Hermannin rantatie without dropping or picking up any passengers, and I arrived at Arcada just before 8:30. I might just have found the easiest and fastest way to get to work.

I answered some mail and then uploaded all sixteen episodes of the podcasts to, which has begun to seem as though it might prove better than Soundcloud for what we need.

I then double-checked all my courses for next year in ASTA to make sure they all had the correct administrative details. They did.

I ran an impromptu workshop for a group trying to finish the final assignment for Structuring Information, and then went for a walk to the mall with Jutta in bright sunshine.

I spent much of the afternoon dealing with issues that had come up in the Interactive Storytelling course. Some of them stem from my misunderstanding of the cumulative effects of some Its Learning settings, while others spring from student idiocy. Opinions will no doubt differ about how much belongs in one category and how much in the other.

At 16:00 Micke Forsström phoned me and we ended up meeting on some comfy chairs in A4. We had both more or less given up on Nobanet, feeling that the effort of reviving it would prove a waste of time. Over thirty minutes we talked ourselves into a new plan: one that has a definite break point in September.

I went back and mailed Christa, Hafdis, Helen and Vera to suggest we meet on Zoom and see if we can come up with a fantastic idea that we would like to do jointly and then – only then – ask anyone else if they would like to join in. If we have a fantastic idea it will become a new project, enabling us to drop all the baggage and move on.

If we don’t have a fantastic idea then we will just send each other Christmas cards.

I leave Arcada feeling better than I did a few hours ago, and look at the rubbish bin outside. I bend down to look and the light feels interesting. I photograph it and carry on walking to Kalasatama.

I will spend the evening with Sunshine until Irma arrives home from an event she hated, while I finish showering.