Saturday, May 18

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Stoa, 14:56


Irma had to work today so we had breakfast and she drove away. I talked to the cat and then cleaned the house, because I do that on Saturdays. I left the door to the garden open because somebody had turned the weather up to summer

During the course of this I saw an extraordinary sight. I saw Sunshine thinking as hard as it could as it genuinely could not work out what it wanted to do. I had started vacuum-cleaning and it hates the vacuum-cleaner and always runs away to hide. This time, as I walked into the bedroom with the vacuum-cleaner, I found him sitting on the mat. He looked at me helplessly. He could not work out whether to run away or carry on eating the squirrel that he had obviously killed and brought in. He just froze in confusion.

I switched off the Dyson and then picked up the remains of the squirrel by the tail and carried it outside with Sunshine trotting along beside me. I put it in the garden. He looks at me, and then carried on eating.

An hour and a bit later I went into the bedroom again to find a squirrel tail on the mat. I rolled my eyes and took it back outside to discover the original tail still lying in the garden. He had found a second one.

I threw both tails far into the woods.

In the afternoon I cycle down to Stoa to find Irma. Stoa has an outdoor event to celebrate the opening of the new street furniture and bandstand. I watch a 20s style jazz band on the bandstand for awhile and then find Irma.

I will cycle back past Prisma and then sit in the hot garden reading. Irma will arrive home about 17:30 and we will sit in the garden. I will tell her about the squirrels and shortly afterwards we will find a third tail in the garden.

We should obviously feed him more.