Thursday, May 23

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Home, 17:25


Irma will fly to Milan this afternoon to perform at an event in the Finnish pavilion at the Milano Triennale. She decided yesterday that she will sleep in this morning.

I therefore got up, had breakfast, washed and left with the quiet efficiency of a secret agent. Not even the cat woke. I left her a note full of best wishes.

When I left the house I began to wonder whether secret agents have an especially quiet way to check the weather and adjust their clothing accordingly. If they do then they wouldn’t find themselves outside dressed for yesterday’s heat in today’s sudden cold, the way I did.

At 10:00 I supervised a thesis presentation which Mats Nylund examined. The student had chosen a very ambitious subject and not quite managed to either pull off the research or write up the project. In another universe, only slightly different from ours, another version of the same student took an alternative path through the same topic and wrote a thesis that became a best selling book.

Not here, though.

At 11:00 I reluctantly began an impromptu tutorial for a group of students desperately trying to finish their final assignment for Structuring Information. Hours passed, and some progress got made.

In the afternoon I gathered together the few contenders I had identified as possible replacements for Cloud9. They boiled down to two in the end: Codio and Codeanywhere.

Mirko and I went through them.

Codio exists primarily for students and teachers, which might make it ideal. However it combines a neat and easy to understand IDE with suites of videos and tutorials about a wide range of topics concerning programming and front-end development. It looks like Lynda with a free IDE thrown in, and has comparable costs.

Codio seemed much more nearly what we need, although the free account might not prove quite capable enough. I emailed them to ask about their educational discounts.

I downloaded the lasted copy of Mojo from Helsinki library, and read about Robert Fripp all the way home.

When I arrive I see Irma’s message to me and photograph it. Firstly because the arrangement pleases me and secondly I want to make sure that I get the right tablets tomorrow.

We will exchange WhatsApp messages in the evening. She likes the hotel and has met the other Finns, whom she likes as well.