Friday, May 24

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Puotila, 8:35


Today I woke up to the sound of Sunshine wandering around the house howling. I got up, let him out, and washed my hair.

The cat had fun hiding, coming to the door, and then disappearing before I could let it in. I started doing for edits for Tore, while I waited, and eventually he came in looking for food.

I cycle to the metro and stop to look at the election posters at Puotila. One caught my eye previously and I stop to photograph it. I do not endorse it (he has, at the very least, strong anti-EU views) but I do like the idea of dressing up to simulate the other party posters.

As I put my iPad away it starts to rain. By the time I get to Sörnäinen I will find myself in a rainstorm.

In the morning Sophie and I will record a discussion with Cathy Hunt, who has arrived in England for two weeks. It will prove very interesting, and might open up several avenues for us to explore further

I will have lunch with Tore and we will agree that the application has now got as good as it will get. Once Shuhua has added her final amendments on Monday Tore will send it and we will receive a massive grant, or not. I will find myself eating vegetarian chilli for the second time this week. I will find this strange.

I will then set about rewriting blocks 4 and 5 for the Interactive Storytelling course, so that I can unlock them next week. I will end up with something much clearer and better structured.

On the way home, the rain having disappeared, I will walk from Puotila to Prisma to buy Irma’s vitamin tablets. I will arrive home at 16:00.

In the evening I will Skype with Luke and exchange entertaining WhatsApp messages with Irma.